Low budget holidays: 10 tips to save money

Returning from vacation the bill languishes, but the desire to leave again no.

For travel lovers, being attentive to your wallet is not easy, but you have to do it. To be able to wander around as much as possible, it is therefore necessary to take some precautions, small renunciations, which however are sometimes not enough. Choosing a hostel instead of a hotel, avoiding eating too much at the restaurant or giving up guided tours, are just the basics of a low-budget vacation .
Here are some useful tips to spend as little as possible during a trip.

Home exchange – house sitting
This is a very simple way to reduce the costs of housing. The advantages are many, as well as obviously saving money. With the home exchange, in fact, it is possible to fully enjoy the spirit of the city, like a local resident. Alternatively, if for example the journey is itinerant, you can always decide to rent your own home and thus re-enter costs.
There are so many sites on which to register, in this way the exchange is safer because the site will make the necessary checks and guarantee.

If you do not have a house to barter, trust CouchSurfing. In practice it is a matter of hosting a traveler and therefore of being able to be accommodated. CouchSurfing is a worldwide network with about 900,000 members, each new member must have other community members as a guarantor until it is officially recognized. At this point he can stay with a host member. In practice it works on the basis of feedback, there is to be found .

Save on transport
Plane is certainly the most practical and fastest choice, but often the most expensive. Do not underestimate the advantage of trains, which in addition to often allowing a net saving do not present the much feared limit of the weight of the baggage. Taking advantage of an interrail ticket can be an even more advantageous choice, especially since this type of travel is no longer just an exclusive for the youngest. Traveling by bus, perhaps at night, is definitely the choice that will save you the most money.

The two wheels
To reduce transport costs on site it can be very useful to ride a bicycle. In this way, in addition to saving, one can move in total autonomy, without depending on public transport and above all it has a lower environmental impact. But then do you want to put firm buttocks due to a constant ride?

Book at the last moment, if not even on the spot, negotiate, bargain with hoteliers and various retailers is an excellent solution to save a lot of money, even if a little risky. In many countries, such as in Croatia or Greece, it is common to rent a house, or a holiday room upon arrival on the spot. If, in addition to money, you also want to save time, and maybe you have an internet connection available, then you can rely on the various online booking sites using the last-second offers.

Purchasing power and exchange rate
In many countries, especially in Asia, the value of the local currency is low. And if you have the foresight to avoid big cities, saving money will be easier.

The right time
Carefully avoid the high season. Before organizing a trip, be very careful of local festivities, perhaps in Italy it is not a holiday, but on the spot you may find the same chaos that exists on August 15 in Rimini, and this also implies a higher cost of living. Places like southern Sicily and Portugal are fantastic in June, September and October, when the hordes of tourists are just a distant memory and the hotels cut prices considerably.

If going to the GrandHotel is not a priority for you you could always fall back on the campsite. A beautiful life experience, which can also put you to the test. Camping can be very fascinating, especially for the possibility of getting in touch with yourself and with nature. The important thing is to choose the right place for your needs, which is therefore comfortable to reach and perhaps fascinating and well organized. For example, if you have a stove and a supermarket nearby, you can cook something fast, thus saving on meals.

Dividing expenses
Traveling in company, as well as being pleasant, can also be a good way to cut costs. A hotel room for two is much cheaper, as is the rental of a car. Those who travel alone can spend up to 50% more than those traveling as a couple, especially when it comes to accommodation and transport. The important thing is to find the right travel companion.

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