Where is Gibraltar and why is it convenient to go shopping there?

Everyone wonders where Gibraltar is located after the historic first victory of the national football team against Latvia. Although Gibraltar is a territory of the United Kingdom it is located on the coast of Spain, about an hour from Marbella to the south, almost facing the coasts of Morocco.

What should you buy in Gibraltar, if not all of what is produced there? Although this piece of land is relatively small, it offers enormous opportunities to shop for savings. In this land there are many world-wide brands, such as Oasis, Monsoon, Peacocks, BHS and others. Competition in Spain in Spain is fierce, which plays a constant lowering of prices. In addition, all purchases made in Gibraltar are exempt from Value Added Tax. This allows tourists to conclude real bargains. There is no talk of Gibraltar

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To understand what is worth buying in Gibraltar, just think of the huge savings. By purchasing the same product on English soil you can have savings of up to 35% compared to the price of the same item sold on the Italian peninsula. Among the many purchases to be made, it is better to concentrate on the more convenient ones, such as perfumes, crystals, porcelain and jewelry. Each year these items are produced in large quantities to meet the demand presented by the many tourists who travel to the area.

This favors a balance of prices, allowing to establish a value of the objects lower than the Italian equivalent. All with equal quality. Shops are open Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 18.00. You can find them along the main streets of the city, like Main Streat. Alternatively, you might consider visiting the shopping centers located in the area. The largest and most famous are Casemets Square, located in the center of Main Street and Ocean Village, which is close to the beach. But in addition to all the common consumer goods, what else should you buy in Gibraltar? Souvenirs from the area can be purchased in the large shopping centers.

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