Discovering the locations of Austria and Germany with the DB-ÖBB EuroCity trains

Easily reachable from Italy, Austria and Germany are rich in large cities and small villages to be discovered. Especially in spring and summer, when nature is luxuriant and every weekend has the flavor of a holiday.

The best way to reach these two countries? It’s the train . A safe , economical and sustainable vehicle . Traveling by train means marrying comfort , being able to carry any baggage, not wasting time with transfers and queues at check-in. It means enjoying a journey that, despite its speed, always keeps a little slowness . Sitting on your seat, you can enjoy the scenery. And the landscape of Austria and Germany is really extraordinary, between a very green nature and the characteristically built villages. Not to mention the possibility of arriving directly at your destination, or going down to intermediate stops. For a sort of on the road , but on a train.

From Italy, going aboard a DB-ÖBB EuroCity train , without stress, it is for example possible to discover extraordinary places in Austria and Germany. Beginning in Innsbruck , the beloved destination for winter sports that, with the summer, turns. Capital of the Austrian federal state of Tyrol, Innsbruck – in the common imaginary – is known for its Tettuccio d’Oro , symbol of the city and very ancient lodge of the Emperor Maximilian I,

who from here enjoyed a privileged view over knightly tournaments. But there is not only this balcony with a roof covered with gilded copper tiles, sculpted parapets and frescoes in the historic center of Innsbruck, 800 years old. From the Imperial Palace to the Ambras Castle, from the Helbing House – a gothic residence with rococo stuccos in pastel shades – to the Cathedral of San Giacomo, there are many civil and religious buildings that can be admired here.

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