Lessinia, the most beautiful paths among the villages and the malghe

Long between 5 and 20 km, there are many hiking trails scattered along the Lessinia area . Routes that allow lovers of this practice to find themselves totally immersed in natural beauty.

With Lessinia it is generally referred to the mountainous belt located north of Verona , which occupies the area between the Val d’Adige, the Valle di Ronchi, the Piccole Dolomiti-Pasubio, the Valle dell’Agno-Chiampo and the high plain Veronese. In this vast area it is possible to identify numerous routes for light trekking, passing for example through the districts of Badia Calavena . A path of 20 km, surrounded by nature and suitable for families with children . The points of main landscape interest are the hill of San Pietro and Mount Pecora, with the latter dominated by an imposing wind generator.


Much shorter is the path that passes through the Val dell’Orso , continuing also in the family for 6 km through beautiful woods and the ancient districts of Valdiporro and Bosco Chiesanuova. Similar distance for those who decide to try the tracks of the Eastern Lessinia , passing through the woods of the Campofontana mountain huts . A splendid path that proposes a medium-height drop, therefore requiring a generic physical preparation to be able to take part in these 2.30 hours of walking.

Looking at the other side of the huge area, therefore at the Western Lessinia , we are talking about a simple and family-friendly route, for a distance of less than 6 km. A short trip of just over two hours, to discover landscapes that are nothing short of suggestive, offered by Monte Crocetta and Monte Pastelletto . Wanting to dwell specifically on this last path, facing it in all its aspects, we will end up with about 22 km of trekking path , with an average duration of 8 hours . On foot or by bicycle, you will find yourself facing some initial hairpin bends, able to make the first phase easier, before trying out the clear vertical development.

Lessinia – Photo Source: Facebook

Most of the routes are for families, which makes this area ideal for all ages. Leaving behind the stress of everyday city life, you will dive among the historic chestnut groves of San Rocco di Piegara , focusing in particular on the Calma Granda, a majestic centuries-old tree, which has become a real monument. Nature finds its space overwhelmingly in these places, with a distance of just 5 km, which takes about two to cover it to the end.

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